The anatomy of reading a text message is simple. First, you perk up to that universal melody signifying the delivery of a text, followed by quick glance down, a swift thumb swipe to the right, and Voilà, you're message appears. So little effort goes into opening a text message, making it the perfect invention for our comatose society, constantly searching for the next convenient thing. But when dealing with the person on the other end of that text stimulates anxiety, that seemingly undemanding thumb swipe to the right seems a lot more demanding

We've all done it, and as much as we hate to admit it, we've all sent that generic "Hey, what's up" text to a recent fling, praying for a response somewhere along the lines of; "Nothing much, come over." Only to get a response of "Nothing really, what about you?" And so continues the pointless texting conversation, one that never moves on from point A to point B. Next will come a series of questions regarding each others plans for the night, only to end with a "Well I'll talk to you later, have good night" every single time. As simple as texting my seem, there are hundreds of different factors to take into consideration while engaging in this phenomenon, especially when texting the opposite sex. Firstly, When a guy is excited about something he may respond with a simple "ok," while at the same time a girl will probably respond with a more upbeat "ok!" Both responses mean the same thing, but will often be taken out of context. When a girl see's a response without any punctuation she may then believe that the guy on the other end is no longer interested. This will sometimes lead us girls to reply with less pep in our steps, only to cause the guy to believe the same thing. And down the texting whirlpool we will spiral. What about when a guy constantly texts you, only to simply engage in conversation? These conversations never lead to more, even though there is so much potential to do so. This type of texting conversation is the one I fear most, because I know that deep down we both want the same thing but are too selfish and insecure to do anything about it. With all that in mind, I will now reveal to you the worst texting conversation type out there, the one that makes you want to crawl under your bed and die. Ladies you will probably agree, when a guy texts you something creepy, it's never any fun. For example; "I think you're sexy" or in response to the fact that we think it's hot outside, "you're hot" are just a few of the creepy texts we will receive in our lifetimes. Seriously guys, stop because it's awkward and it puts us in a horrible position. We don't want to completely disregard the text, not reply, and make you feel stupid. So after our mini freak outs and calls to our friends for help, we will almost always respond. Also guys, don't think for a second that those creepy texts you're sending us will only be seen our eyes. In fact, our whole group of girlfriends will eventually find out. So, next time you see one of your flings best friends starring you with disbelief, think back to the millions of inappropriate texts she has probably witnessed, and be less taken off guard. So much can go wrong in the texting world. There is even too much to put in words. Oh texting, how you have done us all so dirty.

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    August 2012