Sorry honey, but drinking vodka out of a wine glass doesn't make you any classier than those drinking it out of a red solo cup.

Let’s face it; we all have that one friend whose “22 going on 35.” And by that statement I mean we all have that one friend who in the blink of an eye becomes too cool to associate with anyone below the age of 25, while they are still 22 themselves. They act too mature to drink a few beers (or AMF’s) on a Friday night, stay up until 2am scrambling to find a sober driver to take them to nearest Jack in the Box, and they sure as hell are too high and mighty to act immature alongside their roommates behind closed doors on a Tuesday night. They don’t want the slightest bit of their immaturity to slip through the cracks a single day after their college graduation. They’ve passed from a time of fun and carelessness and have rapidly stepped foot into the real world, making it blatantly obvious that when their first toe touched that sacred ground they locked away their fun side and hid the key. These individuals have been so brainwashed and want to conform to society so desperately that they will do anything in their power to seem more grown up.  If that means sacrificing relationships with friends who are still searching for that full time job, blowing off friends who still have one more year of college left and mocking friends who just want to have a little fun during the “transitional 20’s” phase of their lives, they’ll do so.  When your “grown up” roommate comes clinking through the door in her overpriced heels with a scowl on her face and a condescending tone in her voice, you know she’s ready to lash out those passive aggressive remarks that make you feel like shit.  Sure, she may see you sitting on the couch still dressed in an over-sized t-shirt from the night before, catching up on the latest reruns of How I Met Your Mother, but in reality you may just be taking a break from applying for jobs all day. She has no room to judge, but does it anyways. Let’s face it, she’s jealous.  That key she used to lock up her fun side is attempting to seep through her pores every second. She’s too cool to drink at the local dive bar, but not too cool to update her status about sipping vodka out of a wine glass. Sorry honey, but drinking vodka out of a wine glass does not make you any classier than those drinking it out of a red solo cup.  No wonder she’s constantly a ball of negativity energy, trying to justify her partying with a wine glass and all. Own up to the fact you’re getting drunk and enjoying yourself because nobody is going to judge you.  People like this cringe at any sight of other “20 somethings" enjoying their days.  They do this because they’re jealous of those who didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn, get stuck in traffic on their way to work, and sit behind a computer crunching numbers all day.  Of course this will turn your roommate into a crazy bitch who wants to come home and ruin all the fun. That’s what happens when someone refuses to admit that they are TRYING to grow up too fast. Let the growing up process come naturally.  You don’t HAVE to get a job one week after graduation, you don’t HAVE to stop hanging out with your friends who have one year of college left, and you definitely don’t have to come home and pretend to be a big girl even after the hours of 5pm. Especially when you’re in your early 20’s. While it’s easy to hate people like this, challenge yourself and try to feel sorry for them.  Feel sorry for those who can’t let loose and act like a kid sometimes. Besides, you’re only in your 20’s once. Don’t waste them acting like you’re 30, because once your 30’s come along it won’t be as acceptable to go out dancing on table tops like when you were 22. Prolong the aging process, and grow up when it’s necessary. I’m not saying you should live with your parents and work at Von’s for the rest of your life; I’m saying you should enjoy the journey of adulthood and have a little fun along the way.


08/21/2012 8:09am

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