“I was at the wrong place, at the wrong time,” is the ever too cliché phrase many of us will quickly turn to for justification when disaster strikes.  When every ounce of our existence is shattered by one wrong turn down the wrong street, one wrong text sent to the wrong person or one drunken run in with an ex at a random bar, try to keep in mind the more comforting phrase; “everything happens for a reason.”

In my opinion, this 10-word-10- syllable phrase is escaping the lips of 20-somethings with a little too much ease these days. What if these “wrong place, at the wrong time” moments are actually leading us to the future "right place, at the right time" moments. In that case, we shouldn't be falling back on this phrase whenever something bad happens, especially during our journey through life. Every single obstacle we encounter, every green light we don’t make, and every wrong turn we take is ultimately leading us to something bigger than ourselves, something out of our control, something many like to call destiny. It’s like walking along a rainbow knowing you will reach a pot of gold at the end, but that rainbow is a lot longer and has a lot more bumps and cracks than you expected.  These bumps and cracks are strategically placed on this rainbow for a reason and when you come face to face with one of these obstacles you’re definitely not at wrong place, at the wrong time.  You’re exactly where you need to be, at the right place, at the right damn time. Sometimes you might be forced to steer so far off track that your rainbow's vibrant colors are no longer crystal clear, sometimes they may even appear to be black and white.  But eventually and without fail you will find yourself back on that colorful path, and with each return those colors will appear a little bit brighter. So, don’t take these “woe is me” moments as a sign that life isn’t going your way. Rather, take these moments as a time to reflect, ponder where they might lead you next, and learn from the lessons presented to you along the way.

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    August 2012