Nothing makes me cringe more than scrolling through the belittling blog known as "Rich Kids of Instagram." Here, us commoners can delve into the lives of the richest kids in the world and find out what they do with their...well, their parents money. From pictures of dinner receipts totaling over 100,000 dollars to pictures of yacht rides to the Hampton's, it's obvious that these kids are living a life that many of us will only dream of.

As I sit here, thinking of what to sell on Craigslist in hopes of bringing in some extra cash for this months rent, it's impossible to not envy the lives of Americas elite. Especially when they're kids. Browsing through pictures of people five years my senior running around, spending thousands of dollars on airplanes and cars, makes me want to punch something. It's hard knowing that this breed is out there, buying literally whatever they want without a care in the world. These kids don't have to worry about paying back college loans, car payments, monthly rent, and on top of it all they get to take advantage of any luxuries that seem fit. I'm not bashing these kids in any way, It's just a little depressing to think that instead of going out for one meal they could pay back my 65,000 dollars in college loans, and then some. But then I think of the kids who have it far worse than I do. In fact, I am extremely wealthy compared to most of the population. The starving children in Somalia and the kids in Uganda who sleep without a roof over their heads and fear in their minds would kill for a life like mine. An opportunity to be a part of the working middle class would be a luxury to them, and that is what makes me grateful. Even the wealthy have people they feel inferior too, people like Bill Gates and Oprah have it way easier than they do in their opinions. It's obvious that the human race will always want what they don't have, but that's what gives us incentive, and keeps us motivated to strive for the best.

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    August 2012